Unmanned Aerial Systems

Simbiant's expertise includes the development, manufacture and operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Large UAS  |  Small UAS  |  Micro UAS

Large UAS - B600

Simbiant can build and operate heavy payload, catapult launched, Large Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The B600 is a large UAV designed for quick and easy changing of payloads by means of a removable payload box located in the underside of the fuselage measuring 100x65x45cm and able to carry up to 50kg. This UAV is designed to carry multiple types of payload boxes, from standard enclosed boxes to boxes that can open mid-flight to release the payload. Made from molded carbon fibre, this UAV is strong but lightweight at under 90kg empty.

Wing Span Height Length Wing Area Maximum Takeoff Weight Empty Weight Cargo Pod Size Cruise Velocity (MTOW)
6.45m 1.1m 3.4m 3.94m 140kg 90kg 1.00x0.65x0.45m 25m/s

Flyer Download: B600 BUAS
Flyer Download: B600 BUAS Technical

Small UAS - S099

Simbiant can build and operate unique, collapsible and efficient Small Unmanned Aerical Systems.

The S099 is a telescoping collapsable SUAV design that can collapse to 0.54m and then split down the middle, making the compacted size 0.27m by 0.33m by 0.16m. At under 2kg, this lightweight SUAV is highly portable. In its expanded assembled state it has a wing span of under a meter and has a maximum speed of 25m/s, with a minimum cruise speed of 18m/s. It's elliptical wing allows for the long endurance flight of a fixed wing UAV while the four ducted fans provide both the VTOL ability and the maneuverability of a quad-copter.

Wing Span Max Width Max Thickness Wing Area Max Velocity Max Weight Empty Weight Payload Cruise Velocity
99cm 40cm 8cm 2566cm^2 25m/s 3.85kg 2kg 1.85kg 18m/s

Dual-Role Small VTOL UAS Prototype

Simbiant's previous prototype testbed. Capable of vertical takeoff and landing, and able to stay aloft for longer than a standard quad-copter, and controllable via easy-to use interface.

Flyer Download: VTOL SUAS Fixed-Wing SUAS Prototype

Micro UAS

Simbiant builds tiny, specialist UAS systems that are collapsible and autonomous for ease of use and transport.

Flyer Download: MicroUAS