Modelling and Simulation

Simbiant's core capacity is in the emulation of complex real-world systems through the full software and hardware stack.

Simbiant participates in every stage of the simulation development process from: requirements research, concept demonstration, to design, development, trial and validation, training, and support.

A simulation's accuracy and effectiveness is derived from its rigorous models. Simbiant's researchers and engineers develop models to suit customer requirements and needs. We specialise in creating high-fidelity models of physical entities and components, particularly those with real-world interactions.

Modelling and simulation experience:

  • Control Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Sonar Systems
  • Aerospace Systems
  • RF and IR Systems
  • Thermal Reaction Systems
  • Tactical Systems
  • Environmental

Technologies include:

  • Matlab®
  • Simulink®
  • High Level Architecture (HLA)
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • Mathcad
Australia Compact Array Radio Telescope

Threat and Radar Modelling

For many years, Simbiant has produced intricate radar models and simulations for the Australian military as support for a broad range of defence operations. This includes evaluating vulnerabilities of existing systems against certain electronic attacks, probability of detection, false alarms, and signal-to-noise ratios. We have particular experience in modelling phased array radars, tracking radars, surveillance radars, seekers, airborne radars and acquisition radars. Part of this process invloves placing the reconstructed systems within a simulated RF environment to perform detailed signature evaluations.

Test Trial Support

Much of the modelling and simulation work produced by Simbiant is in support of trial studies. The majority of resources expended during full field trials can be significantly reduced or avoided by exploring the problem through simulation. It is typical that trial outcomes are also enhanced by performing this preliminary work.

Signature Management

Simbiant has worked intensively in the field of signature management, specifically in evaluating the effects of signature reductions on operational outcomes. We have capabilities in both the RF and IR spectrum for aquisition, storage, synthesis and evaluation.

Matlab® and Simulink®

Simbiant has extensive experience with Matlab® and Simulink® and offers consultation for producing custom MathWorks software and products. Such products include Simulink Real-Time libraries and design for FPGA-based targets, which we build in-house and on client-side.

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