Radar Modelling

Simbiant has been producing very detailed radar models for many years

Simbiant has been producing very detailed radar models for the military for many years. We can produce custom models and simulations to support your operational needs. We can evaluate a system and give indications of vulnerability to electronic attack, probabilities of detection, false alarm rates, or signal to noise ratios (to name just a few). Simbiant has had experience in modelling phased array radars, tracking radars, surveillance radars, seekers, airborne radars and acquisition radars. We can place your systems in a simulated RF environment to perform detailed signature evaluations.

Test Range Support

Much of the modelling and simulation work produced by Simbiant is in support of trials studies. The time and materials expended on a full field trial can be significantly reduced by exploring the problem through modelling and simulation before the trials begin, and then use the simulation outcomes to enhance the trials results.

Signature Management

Simbiant have worked intensively on the fields of signature management, specifically in evaluation of what effects signature reductions can have on operational outcomes. We work both in the RF and IR fields, and can help with the measurement, recording, storage and evaluation of signature management issues.

Radar dish

Radar equation